Tulsa Tough Support Programs Announced

Three innovative programs for the 2009 Tulsa Tough Ride and Race are designed to “spread the word” about Tulsa and the event’s tour rides during the months of March, April and May.
The fourth annual Tulsa Tough Ride & Race is set for May 29–31.
Application deadline is March 13 for all support programs and applications can be submitted by visiting www.tulsatough.com. Selections will be announced on March 15.
“There are so many good things to say about Tulsa and this event,” said Malcolm McCollam, Tulsa Tough Event Director. “We think having local cyclists helping spread the word will be productive and a great deal of fun too.”
Tulsa Tough Ride & Race is seeking 10 cycling tours to support with a $500 sponsorship. The tours selected will be linked to the Tulsa Tough Ride & Race website and promoted by Tulsa Tough organizers. Tours will provide Tulsa Tough Ride & Race with a link to their website and other cross promotion opportunities.
Tulsa Tough Ride & Race is seeking eight tour riders who plan to participate in prominent cycling tours across the U.S. These riders will receive a Tulsa Tough jersey and $250 for event entry fees required by the tours. Riders will be asked to write about their experiences so we can publish their content to the Tulsa Tough Ride & Race website. Riders will be encouraged to interact with others at the tour they participate in and to promote Tulsa and the Tulsa Tough Ride & Race event.

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