Tulsa firm spreads out

Stan Johnson Co. is getting aggressive.
The Tulsa-based net lease brokerage firm announced plans this month to expand into key markets including Atlanta, San Francisco, Southern California, New York and Chicago.
Leading the effort is Tulsa native Daniel Herrold, who was promoted to executive managing director of business development and will have responsibility for all business development and recruiting efforts. Herrold plans to open two new offices in 2010, with all five operational by 2012. The move will roughly double the company’s current staff of 25.
Herrold helped launch the company’s first regional office in Houston in August 2008. The Houston office has proven to be a success, starting with two senior associates who have closed more than 20 deals totaling about $75 million in volume. Leveraging this success, the office has recently expanded the staff to include two additional senior associates and an analyst, with plans to continue to grow in 2010.
In an effort to replicate the success of the Houston office, Herrold is actively looking to hire multiple lead brokers in the targeted cities.
“Our expansion strategy is really two-fold,” Herrold said. “We are looking to hire brokers or teams in those selected markets where we are, candidly, looking at some of our competition. At the same time, if a smaller firm approached us, we may be interested.”
Herrold said the aforementioned markets offered several advantages in the net lease market, but one in particular.
“There is really just better access to high-net-worth buyers on the coasts,” he said. “There are approximately 200 professionals focused on net-lease properties, and about 60 percent of those are located on the coasts. In the past, we have lost engagements because we didn’t have a local presence somewhere. We are trying to fix that.”

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