Tulsan Heads State’s Petroleum Association

Tulsan John Pilkington, newly named chairman of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association, is targeting coalbed methane plays across the state.
Pilkington, president of Tulsa-based Muirfield Resources Co., had previously served as OIPA vice president/East.
The primary focus of the 21-year-old company is acquisition of coalbed methane leases and production.
“Between the coal and shales, independent producers have done a lot to move Oklahoma to No. 2 in natural gas production,” Pilkington said. “Natural gas is the cleanest, environmentally friendliest fossil fuel.”
Representing more than 1,600 member companies in the crude oil and natural gas exploration/production industry, the OIPA is the state’s largest oil and gas advocacy group.
The group has raised $4.6 million to construct its own headquarters in northeast Oklahoma City, he said.
“We want to raise our visibility at the state Capitol,” he said. “The problem is we go there two-three times per year, and the environmentalists are there every day.”
The OIPA attempts to tell the independents’ side of the story.
“So often politics gets in the way of good business practices,” Pilkington said. “If we must increase production, there needs to be incentives to pave the way or to at least make it as easy as possible.
“We are all independent businessmen trying to make a living.”

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