Tulsa’s BOK Center Looms Large in Downtown

The $183 million BOK Center, due to be completed in September 2008, is both the most awaited and controversial construction project under way in Tulsa today.

The 550,000-SF BOK Center will occupy approximately four city blocks. It will house Tulsa’s existing center sports teams and will be a venue for several new center sports. Assumptions based on the results of the construction of new convention centers in other cities project that after expenses the center would bring revenues of approximately $1.6 million to Tulsa.

Yeah. But how much does it weigh?

“A lot! Sorry, but we don’t have this information,” said Bart Boatright, BOK Center project manager.

Boatright did know, however, how much concrete is needed to complete the center: 122 million pounds. Think 15,250 elephants. So far, 2.7 million pounds have been used in construction.

Eight million pounds, or 4,000 tons, of steel will be used in the center, which will be 120 feet tall from the center floor to the roof. The center itself could hold 7.7 million cubic feet of water, which is nice to know in case someone decides a rendition of a naval battle would bring money into Tulsa.

To begin building the center, more than 13,000 dump truck loads of material were excavated from the construction site to a depth of 20 feet.

After the center’s completion, if everyone who had a hand in the construction were to enjoy together, say, an center football game, they would fill 3,500 of the approximately 18,000 seats planned for the center. ?

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