U.S. Shooting Academy Awarded Blackhawk Contract

The Oklahoma Army National Guard awards the US Shooting Academy Inc. a training contract for Blackhawk helicopter air crewmen.
Training at Camp Gruber began May 11 and continues 10 days.
Under thetraining contract, the US Shooting Academy will provide specialized tactical and scenario based training to Blackhawk crewmen in the event of a downed aircraft.
Components of the training will include tactical handgun skills with the M9 service pistol,tactical rifle skills with the M4 weapons system, tactical skills with crew serve weapons M240 and the M249, battlefield weapons familiarization with foreign threat weapons such as the AK47, PKM, and the Russian DShK anti-aircraft machine gun.
Additional instruction will encompass low-light and night-fire training, ground combat element tactics, team movements, defense perimeters, and close quarters battle tactics.

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