Unemployment Figures up in May, Down YTD

In May, Oklahoma’s non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate expanded by 0.6 percent to 3.5 percent for the month.

Statewide non-seasonally adjusted labor force, employment and unemployment all expanded over the month, with unemployment’s 23.9 percent increase leading to the monthly unemployment rate gain. Since May 2007, statewide non-seasonally adjusted unemployment has dropped by more than 19.0 percent.

Oklahoma total non-farm employment expanded by 8,400 jobs over the month in May. The month’s largest employment increase of 2,300 jobs came from Leisure & Hospitality.

Only two sectors, Natural Resources & Mining and Educational & Health Services, reported monthly employment losses in May. Over the year, statewide employment grew by 21,900 jobs. The only industry that failed to add jobs over the year was Government, where large losses in Local Government hindered annual growth.

total non-farm employment in the Tulsa metropolitan statistical area rebounded from April’s losses with a monthly gain of 1,700 jobs in May. Although a number of industries reported no change for the month, no losses were reported. Leisure & Hospitality claimed May’s largest over-the-month gain.

For the year, Tulsa total non-farm employment added 1,100 jobs, due mostly to gains under the Goods Producing Industries. Although Educational & Health Services reported a large annual gain, losses in Professional & Business Services and Government led to a net annual loss for the Service Providing Industries in May.

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