Unit Corp. has New Partner in Mid-Stream Operations

Unit Corporation has announced that its mid-stream operations, through Superior Appalachian Pipeline LLC, has entered into a long-term business arrangement with Robert Eckle, President and founder of Appalachian Producer Services, located in McMurray, Pennsylvania. The two companies have agreed to jointly develop mid-stream pipeline projects which will be owned and operated by Superior in the Appalachian Basin.

Unit had previously announced that it opened a business development office for Superior in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it is currently staffing that office with professionals from the region. Superior will offer its expertise in natural gas gathering and processing and Eckle and his company will continue to provide marketing and natural gas management to the producer community within the basin.

Unit Corporation is a Tulsa-based, publicly held energy company engaged through its subsidiaries in oil and gas exploration, production, contract drilling and natural gas gathering and processing.

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