UnitedHealthcare Streamlines Claims Process

UnitedHealthcare announced today that physicians nationwide who work with UnitedHealthcare may now submit their claims for adjudication in real time.

Doctors’ offices may now submit their claims online through UnitedHealthcare’s physician Web site, www.unitedhealthcareonline.com, instead of submitting claims in bulk or after patients’ visits. Real-time adjudication helps reduce administrative hassle, freeing doctors and their staffs to care for patients rather than handle excess paperwork.

After entering the patient’s eligibility information and proper codes for services received at the doctor’s office, UnitedHealthcare determines and confirms in less than 10 seconds the total allowed cost of the procedure under contract, the amount to be reimbursed through health insurance and any amount the patient may owe.

UnitedHealthcare launched the capability nationally Jan. 1, 2007, after a pilot program with a small group of physicians inRhode Island last summer.

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