Village on Main Comes to Jenks

The $80 million Village on Main will be the “front door” to Jenks.
The 13-acre “smart growth” development will feature residences, retail, restaurants and 120,000 SF of professional office space.
First to be constructed will the a 22,000 SF Hillcrest Utica Park Clinic health care facility. Construction of the two-story medical facility is expected to start by August. It will be four times the size of the current facility on Main Street and offer six doctors — twice the current number.
The entire project is expected to be done in three years.
Also planned is a hotel with more than 100 rooms and community events center.
Apache will be renamed Aquarium Lane and be extended over the levee to the Oklahoma Aquarium.
“Village on Main was positioned to be a pedestrian community, a place where you meet your neighbors and share life together,” said Duane Phillips, the developer of Jenks-based Village on Main, LLC. “Once the development is complete, residents will be able to leave their front doors and walk to shops, restaurants, work and other daily conveniences within minutes.
It has taken Phillips three years to get to this point, as he negotiated with more than 30 private and commercial property owners to collect the acreage needed for the project.
Phillips has experience in the business of residential and commercial development, and understands the current and long-term demand for this type of development, which is proving success nationally.

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