WW Energy Assumes Control of Oklahoma Oil Wells

WW Energy Inc., a subsidiary WW Oil and Gas Inc., has been granted full operational rights of the recently acquired oil wells located in Oklahoma.

This is a significant and strategic step as the Company begins the re-completion of the wells. Of the 32 wells, 2 are completed and producing. WW Oil and Gas will implement the newly purchased oil rig and equipment to commence re-completion of the remaining 30 wells. The equipment will cut costs and should expedite production. The Company will report on progress from the Oklahoma Oil Fields as it becomes available.

WW Energy Inc. is a holding company that was created to acquire oil and gas service companies as well as oil and gas-related assets through two wholly owned subsidiaries.

WW Oil & Gas Inc., established in 2005, is in the business of acquiring leases and oil and gas-related assets. Such acquisitions are for the purposes of development, exploration, and exploitation. The company currently has exploitation projects in Texas, Utah, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Comprehensive drill programs are being developed for full exploitation of these projects.

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