Waste to Energy Facility to Close

The Walter B. Hall Resource Recovery Facility (WBH) will stop accepting trash today and will permanently close the facility on Monday, according to Thomas Simpson, WBH president.

Simpson said the City of Tulsa’s decision to not renew its contract with WBH and to dump its trash exclusively in landfills forced the company to cease operations. The WBH contract with the city expired on July 1.

“For the past 20 years, the waste-to-energy facility has converted Tulsa’s trash into clean, renewable energy,” said Simpson. “During that time, approximately 6.5 million tons of raw garbage was kept out of local landfills. “Unfortunately after Tulsans have invested approximately $180 million in the facility to keep their environment clean, the City of Tulsa has chosen not to utilize this valuable resource, and we have no choice but to close the facility.”

Over the past three weeks, WBH has operated in a competitive marketplace to provide trash disposal services to customers who value its environmental, commercial and competitive benefits.

“We have tried everything possible to keep the facility open, but with the city sending all of its residential trash to the landfills, there simply is not enough trash for us to continue to operate,” said Simpson. “It’s a sad day for our employees as well as the Tulsa region, which is losing a tremendous asset.”

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