Water Study Funding Praised

The executive director of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board praises the state’s congressional delegation in Washington D.C., for its initiation and support of legislation that will fund a dozen or more state water planning studies, according to the State Chamber of Commerce.
HR 3183, the fiscal 2010 Energy-Water appropriations bill, passed the U.S. House of Representatives in July by a convincing vote of 320-97.
Duane Smith, the OWRB’s executive director, said $30 million included in the bill will underwrite studies related to the Red River Chloride Control Project, which was conceived nearly half a century ago to augment water supplies in southwest Oklahoma. Another study will identify alternatives to augment water dependability at Altus-Lugert Lake, a major source for irrigation water in southwest Oklahoma. Additionally, nearly $2 million is included in the bill to support water quantity and quality studies that are a part of the ongoing update of the Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan.

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