Weapon Line Successfully Tested

Textron Defense Systems said its Sensor Fuzed Weapon smart munition system completes three successful flight tests at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.
The tests utilized SFW production units assembled at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant load, assembly and pack line.
The Textron Defense Systems’ SFW is a munitions systems with redundant technologies for clean battlefield operation. In fact, it is the only air-delivered weapon that meets the strict unexploded ordnance criteria for cluster munitions set forth by the U.S. Secretary of Defense in June 2008.
Relocation of the SFW assembly line from the Kansas Army Ammunition Plant to MCAAP started in 2005 in accordance with the Base Realignment and Closure Act. The relocation team, chaired by Textron Defense Systems, implemented building upgrades, including environmental controls and special non-conductive floors, then designed and implemented a final assembly line that incorporates Lean continuous improvement techniques for a condensed footprint and continued high quality output.

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