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A Tulsa entrepreneur’s Web site has created buzz focusing on celebrating the good things about the metro.
The project has made an impact on the online wedding, catering and hotel scene.
Veronica Leichnitz, founder and owner of tulsacelebrations.com, learned how to drive Web traffic to a site seven years ago. At the time, Leichnitz knew without question that the Internet search was the wave of the future.
“We were ahead of our time,” she said. “It has proven to be one of the best ways a business owner can be seen.”
A decade ago, Web searches were global. Over time, searches have become local.
She has not looked back.
Leichnitz’s marketing plan, promoting her talent in getting Web sites in the Top 10 items consistently, has shown to be the way any size business — either large or small — can be placed in front of their targeted market on the first page of a Google search , for instance.
“Better than any other form of marketing that they could do,” Leichnitz said. “We still keep Web sites ‘out of the land of never found Web sites.’”
In 2002, she knew she had found that ability to be seen on the first page of results for 1,000’s of Tulsa Based Search Terms.
Figures, Numbers, Statistics
Anybody and everybody can give numbers, Leichnitz said. The bottom line is search figures.
“Ninety percent of all information found on the Internet is found through search engines,” she said. “We have thousands of Top 10 results and often beat Yellowpages.com, YellowBook.com and Superpages.com with our results.”
In the Web environment, page views are most important. Hits are an irrelevant number that refers to the number of “files” a page displays when it is seen. A file can be a link, pictures or the page itself.
A page view is a true reflection of the number of times a page is “viewed,” she said.
“I can have one ‘page view’ but get 1,000 ‘hits’ on the same page view because there are 500 links and 500 pictures on that page,” Leichnitz said.
Leichnitz is told continually by clients that tulsacelebrations.com is the No. 1 or No. 2 referrer of traffic to their web sites.
“We provide up to 75 percent of our clients entire Web site traffic.”
Heavy Traffic – A Good Problem
She makes it a habit to double or triple traffic to a Web site.
“The catering crew at the Downtown DoubleTree threatened to walk out if management ever dropped us,” Leichnitz said.
Typical Web site designs and operations can run $15,000 a year. Leichnitz offers design services, web design and hosting for companies, local businesses and for independent creative professionals for a fraction of that amount.
Jacy West calls the Web site “the best advertising for the money that there is.” West is manager of RiverCrest Chapel & Reception Hall, 13329 S. Memorial Drive.
West booked her first wedding before she even realized the chapel was on the Internet.
“At first we were not sure if we should do the Internet,” West said of the decision made about five years ago. “We decided if we booked one wedding it would pay for itself.”
“We saw an immediate response,” she said. “In fact, I got a call from a bride who asked to come by and take a tour. She told me ‘I saw you in the Web site.’ I did not know it was out yet. It was phenomenal to me that people had already seen it.”
That first wedding did pay for the Web listing and West was sold on the idea.
Always a Market
The business has proved to be recession proof, she said. Her Web site sees a level of activity sustained nearly year round. While corporate and media traffic tends to diminish with summer months, tulsacelebrations.com maintains thousands of page views through August into fall.
For example, during 2002 through 2004, Leichnitz had an office with World Travel. She was offered an opportunity to design their Web site and the site is ranked No. 11 out of all the “World Travel” organizations and office with more than 80 million hits.
Focus on the Internet has gone from global to local, Leichnitz said.
Leichnitz markets tulsacelebrations.com as the least expensive, most effective form of marketing any size business can do to generate targeted traffic from search engines to their web sites.
Leichnitz knew she had found a niche in 2002 when she learned how to be seen on the first page of results for thousands of Tulsa-based search terms.
Listing an Event
Sam Stokely has opened an event center at 10111 E. 45th Place and he’s been impressed.
About 90 percent of his business comes Leichnitz’s Web site, he said.
“I will get maybe 10 to 12 leads a day,” he said. Stokely said he is able to book about 50 percent of those leads.
“What sets her apart is she always comes up second or third on the event (Web) page,” he said.
Leichnitz plans an open house at the Stokely Event Center Tuesday, Feb. 17.

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