Well Renewal to Purchase 785-Acre Rogers County Lease

Well Renewal, Inc. has negotiated the purchase of a 785-acre lease package located in Rogers County in northeast Oklahoma.
Numerous wells were drilled on the prospect acreage between 1960 and 1985. Production from the leases reached maximum levels of 4,000 barrels of oil per month during the 1980s. The wells were temporarily abandoned during the oil price collapse of the mid-1980s and the lease was abandoned by the operator.
The Bartlesville sand was the producing horizon of the wells contained in the lease package.
Well Renewal expects production to be re-established in the wells contained on the 785 lease package after an extensive workover program currently planned for the leases within the next 60 days.
Well Renewal will utilize the services of Pro-Formance Oil Field Services, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Well Renewal. Pro-Formance will supply a workover rig to re-enter all of the wells located on the lease package to restore the wells to a producing status.

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