Westbrook Architects Joins Crafton Tull Sparks

After eight years, Westbrook Architects, a major retail architect, will now be a part of Crafton Tull Sparks. The firm’s clients include Oklahoma National Bank, Sprint, Owasso Land Trust, Post Oak Lodge, and QuikTrip.
“I am excited about the opportunities to provide our retail clients with full service architecture and engineering services,” said Randy Westbook, NCARB, vice president of retail.
The firm joined Crafton Tull Sparks as part of a strategy to provide retail architecture and engineering services to major retail companies across the nation.
“We are thrilled to have Randy and Carolyn Westbrook on our team,” said Shane Hansen Fernandez, AIA, NCARB, LEED? AP, corporate director of architecture. “This is an opportunity for both of us to play a bigger role in the growth of the retail market.”

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