Words on the Streets

Any Tulsans who miss the fireworks of summer have the opportunity to participate in a town hall meeting to give their input on city streets.
The “Complete Our Streets” meeting will be held from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 29, in the Central Center at Centennial Park, 1028 E. Sixth St.
Sharon King Davis and Dewey Bartlett Jr., leaders of the “Complete Our Streets” panel established by Mayor Kathy Taylor and City Councilor Bill Martinson, have invited anyone interested to share their comments by either speaking to the group or submitting written comments.
The Complete Our Streets panel plans to take a comprehensive look at Tulsa’s streets. This includes information gathering, questioning of existing information and decision-making. The panel must submit its recommendations to the Mayor and City Council by Dec. 4.
At the same time, the Indian Nations Council of Governments is launching its annual examination of area streets and transportation issues.
The surface transportation plan, called the Transportation Improvement Program, presents a four-year program which will have a combination of federal, state, and local funding sources and covers a range of transportation modes, including streets and highways, public transportation and bicycle/pedestrian facilities.
Planned improvements are specifically identified for their abilities to maintain Tulsa’s “clean air” status.
To view details of the process, visit www.incog.org/transportation.htm to view the 2008 – 2011 TIP, or contact Tim Armer, manager of the Transportation Planning Division at 918.584.7526.

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