Work to Resume on Centennial Park

Work is scheduled to resume on Centennial Park after Carter Excavating Inc., the firm originally contracted to complete the project, walked away from the downtown construction earlier this summer.

Wind and rain have caused some damage to the unfinished lawn and landscaping projects by washing topsoil into the large detention pond in the center of the park. The washed topsoil has also exposed parts of the irrigation system and parts of the rock retaining wall have been damaged.

The water detention pond is the largest part of the $2.9 million project. The project was originally scheduled for completion by July 1. The revised completion date, according to Tulsa Parks, is October 1.

Northeastern Irrigation, Paragon Construction and United Golf are the new contractors.

Another part of the Centennial Park project, a $3.4 million recreation center, is nearing completion.

The new 12,500 SF facility replaces a 7,000 SF recreation center that was demolished several years ago.

According to the City of Tulsa’s website, the completed park will feature a playground, splash pad, indoor gymnasium, in addition to the recreation center.

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