Workforce Oklahoma to Relocate to Eastgate Metroplex

The Tulsa office of Workforce Oklahoma has announced its relocation to the Eastgate Metroplex, 14002 E. 21st St., and has signed a seven-year lease with the facility.
Workforce Oklahoma, created under the federal Workforce Investment Act, is a training and education development system and currently offices in the Skyline Center, located west of Memorial Drive, north of 51st Street.
Construction on the $1 million remodel has begun and scheduled to be completed this fall. The Workforce Oklahoma office will be located in between the main entrance of Eastgate Metroplex and the University of Phoenix, which announced its relocation to the facility in May. The university will occupy 40,000 SF in the Metroplex, a multi-use center with over 800,000 SF.
The 22,000-SF space occupied by Workforce Oklahoma will house 60 employees.

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