Young Marines Seeking to Fill Ranks

They’re called ‘‘Young Marines.’’
They get together from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. each Tuesday at the Marine Reserve Center in Broken Arrow.
Age eligibility is from eight to 18 years old and it is open to both young men and women.
It is a new program for young people, organized about three weeks ago.
Terry Funk, USMC retired, said the newly formed group is open both to young people and needs adult volunteers regardless of whether or not they served in the military.
Funk, commander of the Young Marines, said that most adult volunteers do not have military backgrounds.
This group is focused on building discipline and character, he said. It also is an anti-drug program. There is a concentration on drill, physical fitness and an opportunity to move up the leadership ranks similar to the military structure.
Another important aspect of the Young Marines is learning about history, tradition and core values that are the foundation of American society.
Just as important, young people can learn leadership skills and be good examples in their community — to their peers.
‘‘We are not training these young people for future military service,’’ he emphasized. Future career paths will be of their own choosing.
Funk said there is a lot of community involvement and there also will be field trips.
One already planned trip is to Vance Air Force Base in Enid in the spring of 2007.
Hopefully the young people will be able to go through a flight simulator, he said. This is just one of the many trips that are being considered and planned.
More than 250 Young Marine units have been established throughout the country, Funk said. ‘‘We are looking for young people that want to be part of a program where they can buy in and be part of a team and become a leader.
‘‘We expect our young people to be part of the community and dedicated to it.’’
More information about Young Marines is available at or by calling Funk at 585-8522.
Funk offices with the Lundy Lair Law firm.

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