ZigBeef May Be in for Rough Ride

ZigBeef cattle tag inventor John Hassell is looking for a few good riders to test his updated system to measure the severity of a rodeo bull ride.
ZigBeef, 2 W. Second St., Ste. 210, was created to market the wireless RFID cattle tags as a long-range identification system for stocker operators.
But Hassell found that by adding an accelerometer to the tag, he is able to gauge different performance parameters of rodeo animals.
“We have gone to the U.S. Team Roping Association and told them what kind of product we have and what it can do, and they said they can certainly use that in identifying the time from the moment the animal leaves the shoot until it is first roped or headed,” he said.
“We also have a bull riding application where we can actually measure the severity of a bull ride using our tag,” Hassell said. “At the end of eight seconds you have a cumulative measure of how violent the bull ride was.”
Has the tag actually been tested on a bull?
“No, not yet,” Hassell said. “We have actually put it on multiple steers for team roping and have proved the concept as far as team roping goes on cattle. The bull riding we have yet to fully test.
“We are looking for volunteers, and we’ll be happy to hook you up.”

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