Baptist Health Becomes Fourth North American Hospital to Offer New Liver Cancer Treatment

Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock announced Tuesday it has conducted its first procedure with the new NanoKnife system to treat a patient with liver cancer.

Baptist is one of only four hospitals in North America and the first in Arkansas to make the NanoKnife system available to patients outside of clinical trials, according to a Baptist Health news release.

The NanoKnife system uses a series of microsecond electrical pulses instead of extreme heat, freezing, radiation or microwave energy to permanently open cell membranes in cancerous tumors. Once the cell membrane pores are opened, the death of the targeted cancer cells is induced, the news release said. Surrounding veins, nerves and ducts within the targeted area are largely unaffected by the process.

“The NanoKnife system provides us with a very advanced and selective way of attacking cancer in the liver, kidney and other sensitive organs without exposing a patient to traditional invasive surgical procedures, harsh chemotherapies, or radiation treatments that might otherwise damage healthy areas of their body,” Dr. David Hays, an interventional radiologist at Baptist, said in the news release.

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