Beebe Declares Emergency in Preparation of Severe Winter Weather

LITTLE ROCK – Governor Beebe declared a State of Emergency Wednesday to help Arkansas officials prepare for the severe temperatures, winds, and winter precipitation expected to enter Arkansas. The declaration carries with it up to $50,000 from the Governor’s Disaster Fund for the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management to supply additional support and resources if needed.

“While winter precipitation is predicted for tonight, the extreme temperatures and strong winds forecast in the coming days may create the bigger risk for emergencies,” Governor Beebe said in a relased statement. “Hopefully we won’t need these emergency provisions, but we want to stay one step ahead of these conditions and the dangers they could present our people.”

Officials at ADEM have been in contact with county emergency officials since Tuesday, working to anticipate where additional needs may arise. The Arkansas National Guard is also preparing to provide additional support if necessary, including potentially using armories as overflow shelters.

“Our local communities have the plans and resources in place to deal with severe winter conditions,” Beebe said. “However, if large numbers of Arkansans are left without power and warmth in the brutal conditions that are forecast, the State will do all we can to get them sheltered.”

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