Boutique Tulsa Law Firm Joins McAfee & Taft

Robert J. Joyce and Chris A. Paul, co-founders and principals of Tulsa-based Joyce & Paul PLLC, a boutique law firm, have joined ranks with McAfee & Taft, the state’s largest law firm.
Also joining the firm from Joyce & Paul are attorneys Leanne G. Barlow, Chris K. Miller and David M. Winfrey.
McAfee & Taft now has 20 lawyers in its Tulsa office and more than 150 statewide.
“When we opened our office in Tulsa just 18 months ago, we announced our intentions to grow the office to more than 30 lawyers in five years, and we’re well ahead of schedule in meeting that goal,” said Richard D. Nix, the firm’s managing director.
The addition of the Joyce & Paul lawyers accomplishes several key goals, Nix said.
“First, it allows us to quickly provide our clients, particularly those in the energy, aerospace and transportation industries, with significant depth in very specialized areas of law. Second, given Joyce & Paul’s extensive reach across the United States, it quickly expands our geographic presence into both new and existing markets for the firm. The potential for expanding our practice even further, and doing so in manner which is extremely cost-effective for clients, is tremendous.”

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