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CashNet Consulting LLC
Jason Meyer
10650 Maumelle Blvd., Suite C, Maumelle 72113
(501) 269-8676
By appointment
July 2009

New business owner Jason Meyer stresses that numbers tell a story and can pave the way for big rewards. With his new venture, CashNet Consulting, Meyer hopes to build on this idea in a personal way.

Meyer, 30, began his business to provide what he calls an “integrated solution” to the logistics of running a business. His new firm handles the bookkeeping, payroll and administration needs of new businesses, allowing them the time to “reinvent their passion and run their business,” Meyer said, “focusing on what they do best.”

“Numbers tell a story to me,” Meyer explained. He thinks that if he can provide information to business owners, he can help them build their bottom line. “I’m passionate about seeing a business grow,” Meyer said.

Originally from Fayetteville before his move to Maumelle, Meyer said he wanted to keep the business “homegrown” and “an asset to help the local community grow.”

Meyer said starting a new business didn’t come without risk, but he believes in taking risks. With consulting experience to Fortune 500 companies, Meyer liquidated his long-term work investments to get CashNet off the ground.

“Don’t be risk adverse,” Meyer said. “The highest return is from the highest risk. … Nothing worthwhile is easy.”

Meyer noted a common misreading of the new business landscape when talking about his new project. “The biggest misconception to me was the amount of dollars it takes to the amount of effort it takes to get things off the ground,” Meyer said, explaining that the ratio is not what some people might think. Even without much money, a new business is capable of “snowballing once you put the hard work in,” he said.

Meyer said his business was still trying to build a sturdy reputation, and that in the consulting field, a competitive status can take a while to develop. “You have to brand yourself. … You have to create word-of-mouth,” Meyer said, a measure he recommends to others building new businesses.

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