choc Beer Company Reports Mid-Year Numbers

The Brewers Association, the trade association representing the majority of U.S. brewing companies, reports beer sales from American craft brewers continue to grow despite a softening economy and challenges with raw materials supply and pricing. Craft beer dollar sales during the first half of 2008 increased 11 percent compared to this same period in 2007.

choc Beer Company is one of the craft brewing companies contributing to the growth with a 40 percent sales increase in the first half of 2007. The Brewers Association attributes this growth to a grassroots movement toward fuller flavored, small batch beers made by independent craft brewers.
According to The Nielsen Company, beer sales are affected the least by the economic downturn, with wine sales showing the most impact. Additionally, craft beer is gaining customers from across all segments of beverage alcohol.
“Never before in the history of this country has there been such a wonderful variety of beer available to sample, enjoy and fall in love with,” said Joe Prichard, Grandson of Pietro Piegari, founder of choc Beer Company.

“Newer brands by the larger brewers, like Belgian style wheat beers, have huge distribution advantages over beers by independent craft brewers,” said Paul Gatza, Director of the Brewers Association. “These brands can grow when the large brewers decide they want them to grow with the ability to impact what brands get shelf space and tap handles. At the same time, beer from craft brewers is being requested by the customer, which encourages distributors and retailers to make the beer available.” According to the Brewers Association, 1,420 of the 1,463 U.S. breweries are independent craft brewers.

choc Beer Company will be introducing a new beer Pietro Piegari in August. Pietro is the first chapter in the “story line” of a young Italian boy who comes to American and ends up with a true American Business success story. Look in the near future for more “Brewmaster Signature” offerings in the table size 22 oz bottles. August look for our version of the annual Oktoberfest offering, choctoberfest.

The Brewers Association reports that in the first half of 2008 volume of beer sold by craft brewers grew by 6.5 percent totaling an estimated 4 million barrels of beer compared to 3.768 million barrels sold in the first half of 2007. Harry Schumacher of Beer Business Daily stated, “Crafts have really taken pricing this year given high input costs, and yet it is still driving volume gains faster than the beer category.”

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