eLynx Launches Intelligent Well Monitoring

Tulsa-based eLynx Technologies launches WellLynx XI — a device that combines satellite communications and intelligent input/output technology resulting in a unique, remotely configurable communications instrument for oil and gas producers.
“We engineered WellLynx XI to be robustly functional,” said Ray McDaniel, manager of sales engineering for eLynx. “With its ability to collect, and the message structure to deliver 27 data values, WellLynx XI is much more flexible than the majority of satellite well monitoring devices out there today.”
eLynx provides web-based monitoring and field automation services to the oil and gas industry.
WellLynx XI features a sensitive alarm system that notifies users of any adverse conditions. Discrete or analog threshold changes trigger e-mails to users and updates to the Web interface within two minutes.
“With its instantaneous alarming capabilities and everpresent communications path via the Iridium satellite network, WellLynx XI is the most robust and reliable satellite solution for well monitoring today,” McDaniel said.
The Iridium constellation of low-earth orbiting, cross-linked satellites provides critical voice and data services for areas not served by terrestrial communication networks.
“With worldwide coverage, WellLynx XI offers oil and gas companies a reliable way to collect data from their most remote well sites,” said Ryan McDonald, director of IT for eLynx. As a result, users can check compressor status, tank levels, casing and tubing pressures, flow rates and even valve positions through a web interface.
WellLynx XI intelligently manipulates data transmittals to help minimize data charges. Low hardware and data costs, coupled with the suite of online tools made available with the SCADALynx backend make this a superior product for the oil and gas industry.

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