eLynx Launches New Well Monitoring Product

Tulsa-based eLynx Technologies, a provider of remote well monitoring systems, announced today the formal launch of WellLynx. The new device combines wireless Internet Protocol and intelligent input/output technology resulting in a unique, remotely configurable communications instrument for oil and gas producers.

With coverage across 90 percent of the United States and coastal regions, WellLynx offers oil and gas companies a convenient way to collect data from their well sites. The device operates on a wireless GSM communications system eliminating the need to construct towers, install phone lines or obtain path surveys and radio licenses. As a result, users can check compressor status, tank levels, casing and tubing pressures, flow rates and even valve positions through a Web interface.

WellLynx also features a highly sensitive alarm system that notifies users of any adverse conditions. Even discrete changes in input levels trigger e-mails to users and updates to the Web interface within two minutes.

Since 2000, eLynx Technologies has provided real-time data collection, production reporting, trending, well monitoring and control via the Internet for the oil and gas industry. The company services more than 215 exploration and production companies and operates in more than 20 states. Headquartered in Tulsa, eLynx also has support offices in Denver, Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City and Carthage, Texas.

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