eLynx Signs New Well With Bachtell

Tulsa-based eLynx Technologies, a provider of web-based monitoring and field automation services to the oil and gas industry, has announced Bachtell Oil and Gas has signed them to monitor a field in Tatum, Texas.

Bachtell is an independent operator based in Longview, Texas, that has been using eLynx’s services for the last four years to monitor fields in Scottsville and Fairplay, Texas.

Since 2000, eLynx Technologies has provided real-time data collection, production reporting, trending, well monitoring and control via the Internet for the oil and gas industry. The company services more than 215 exploration and production companies and operates in more than 20 states. Headquartered in Tulsa, eLynx also has support offices in Denver, Houston, Dallas, and Carthage, Texas.

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