Hausam Has a Shot at Caucus Chairman, Some Say

The word in northwest Arkansas political circles is that state Rep. David Hausam, R-Bentonville, has strong enough backing to be an effective 3rd Congressional District caucus chairman when the Arkansas House of Representatives holds its reorganization meeting Nov. 10.

It’s pretty much a given he’ll be elected chair. A gentleman’s agreement rotates the position between Democrats and Republicans, and Hausam was vice-caucus chair last year.

Randy Laverty, D-Jasper, was ousted by term limits, leaving the caucus chair vacant. The chair is especially important to northwest Arkansas this session because of the number of key issues expected to come before the House. Chief among the issues is the redistricting of the state’s legislative districts, since the northwest contingent felt cheated last go-around.

Calculating the education funding formula for public schools, and appropriations for higher education and highways are also hot buttons.

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