i2E Chairman and Board Members Selected

Steve Cropper, who served as president and CEO of Williams Energy Services until 1998 and is currently an independent consultant and private investor in Tulsa, has been elected chairman of the i2E board of directors.
The organization elected several new board members representing various areas of the state. New board members include Marilyn Feaver, executive director of the Southwest Oklahoma Impact Coalition, Chickasha; Don Himelfarb, director of economic development and real estate development, City of Tulsa, Tulsa; Mike Neal, president and CEO, Tulsa Metro Chamber, Tulsa; David Pitts, senior vice president, Stillwater National Bank, Stillwater; and Sheri Stickley, vice president, SSTI, Oklahoma City.
i2E – which stands for turning “innovation into enterprise” – assists researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs to turn advanced technologies into exceptional business opportunities for Oklahoma.%9
i2E was created in 1997 in response to the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science & Technology’s (OCAST) initiative to establish a center to support technology commercialization in our state. ?

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