IRS Releases Tax Liens on “Scooter” Stuart and Michael D. Hill

It may have taken some time, but the IRS finally got around to filing the paperwork to release several high-dollar tax liens.

Layton “Scooter” Stuart, CEO of One Bank & Trust in Little Rock, had two tax liens that totaled $2.1 million.

The IRS documents claimed Stuart owed the money for taxes that date back to 1992.

The IRS had filed the liens way back in 2003 and 2004.

Stuart declined to comment on the issue, but we understand the release is an overdue filing from a long-ago resolved corporate tax dispute between Stuart and the IRS.

The IRS filed the forms to release the liens on Dec. 21.

That same day, the IRS also filed the documents to release Michael D. Hill of Little Rock of his tax lien, which was $358,794.

The IRS charged that Hill, the CEO of MDH Builders, owed the money for his 2007 tax filing.

Hill couldn’t be reached for comment.

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