Judges appreciate lawmaker’s efforts

Area lawmakers received a big “thank you” from Tulsa’s district judges during an informal reception Jan. 13.
It was a time that judges expressed their appreciation for the support from the lawmakers and reminded the guests they are well aware of the budgetary difficulties that are being dealt with in Oklahoma City.
Presiding Judge Tom Thornbrugh gave the welcome on behalf of the judges from the 14th Judicial District and that the court too understood budget difficulties.
Thornbrugh noted the reception was being catered by the Tulsa County Bar and was not paid for out of the court budget or fees.
The court is a tight-knit hard-working group, the presiding judge continued.
Sally Howe-Smith, Tulsa County Court Clerk is helpful and probably knows more about budgets than anyone, Thornbrugh said.
“Can you (Howe-Smith) come to Oklahoma City?” a lawmaker asked.
“We acknowledge the important work you do in the legislature and working with the court,” Thornbrugh said. “We know there are special challenges coming up in February. We as judges understand the problem and have taken steps to reduce expenditures.
“We have done what we can do and all know that it is possible to get to a point where the ability to do an important job could be impacted. (Alexander) Hamilton and (James) Madison hit it right on the nose when they framed the U.S. Constitution. We want to continue their dream.”

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