MacroSolve Launches Restaurant App

MacroSolve Inc. launches a solution designed for the restaurant industry that allows restaurants to build and manage their own mobile applications.
DineInsight is the first in a series of industry-specific apps powered by ReForm XT.
DineInsight leverages the widespread use of smartphones to help restaurant owners, operators, chains and franchising organizations brand their own mobile app, gain critical customer insight, gather market intelligence and directly target customers with incentives and other promotional materials.
“DineInsight brings a completely new dimension to customer relations and marketing in the restaurant industry. Based on the positive customer feedback we’ve had from restaurants currently implementing DineInsight, we believe this powerful mobile app will transform the way targeted promotions, brand loyalty and customer patronage are driven and measured in the restaurant industry,” stated Jeff McMains, ReForm XT vice president.
Restaurant owners using DineInsight have their own branded mobile app with customized content that can be managed and changed with ease. Once downloaded for free from the iPhone app store, the app is used by the store’s customers to provide feedback and opinions. In return, customers can receive special incentives, such as coupons, loyalty rewards or insider news of special events. Unlike simple text messaging, DineInsight can also be used to detail specials with text and images, provide a locations map, and any other information the restaurant wants to promote.
Benefits of DineInsight include the ability to gather customer contact information such as email and cell phone numbers, instant insight into customer satisfaction, purchasing trends and customer patronage. Customer contact information can be utilized for targeted marketing and other promotions, as well as serving as a direct line of communication with the customer.
“For MacroSolve, DineInsight further solidifies our position as the leader in mobile apps for small and medium sized businesses, while also creating deeper penetration for us within specific industry verticals, such as the restaurant, retail and hospitality sectors,” stated MacroSolve President and CEO, Clint Parr.
DineInsight will be available on most BlackBerry and Windows Mobile smartphones in the near future.

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