Sales Tax Receipts Down 6.7% in Craighead County

Craighead County has continued to see revenue from its 1 percent sales tax slide, and it is now 6.7 percent lower in 2009 than in 2008.

Through November, the county has collected $13.9 million, down from the $14.9 million it collected during the same period last year, according to records from theCraighead County Treasurer’s office.

“I think everybody’s really hanging their hat on the turnaround,” said Russell Patton III, the Craighead County Treasurer.

He said a Best Buy store opened in October in the former Circuit City location in Jonesboro, which might help generate more sales tax revenue. The monthly figures reflect the amount collected at Craighead County’s cash registers two months earlier.

As of November, the county was in its ninth consecutive month of declining revenue from its 1 percent sales tax as compared with the same month a year earlier. Patton said he thought residents had cut spending on discretionary items and big-ticket items.

The money collected so far this year closely matches what was collected in 2007, when the county finished with $14.5 million.

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