Tulsa Receiving $1.55 Million in Federal Cash

More than $1.5 million could be headed to Tulsa for various public safety and public works projects following passage of a trillion dollar spending bill by the U.S. Senate.
Among these projects receiving funding in the bill, Tulsa would receive:
— $750,000 to purchase natural gas vehicles for Tulsa Transit
— $500,000 to help reconstruct Memorial Drive and Waterline
— $200,000 to help update Tulsa Police Department’s Records Management System with a secure, comprehensive, criminal intelligence system to implement a wireless broadband network.
— $100,000 for equipment for Tulsa Fire Department
“It’s a credit to the value and importance of these programs that they receive this funding,” said Mayor Dewey Bartlett. “Additionally, the support and leadership provided by Sen. Inhofe and Rep. Sullivan in Congress was nothing short of critical in helping secure these allocations for Tulsa.”
The bill still needs President Obama’s signature, which if approved, will sign into law the Fiscal Year 2010 Consolidated Appropriations Conference Report that serves to appropriate funding for Federal Agencies and Departments and allocate funding to various projects and programs.

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