What to Do With Uverse Gear that AT&T Doesn’t Want: Look to Poland (Whispers)


One Man’s Trash

A recent e-mail from abroad offered a possible solution to a poser we’ve been chewing on for a few days.

No, we’re not talking about a friendly Nigerian offering a wheelbarrow-load of cash to help move some money around.

Our missive appeared to be from Poland, or more specifically Krowica Sama, a quaint village of 738 souls just up the road from the Ukraine border. Of course, everything looks quaint from our cyberspace-aided satellite view of the world.

Anyway, a nice Pole said he collected gadgets identified with companies and asked if we had any “gimmickries” we might want to send his way.

Our thoughts immediately turned to AT&T and what to do with a couple of U-verse remote controls and power cords.

This stuff became surplus equipment when we decided to cut back on our TV viewing network at home.

AT&T wanted the converter boxes back and even paid for the shipping. However, we were told to keep the remote controls and power cords at no charge.

Uh, thanks?

In other words: “You throw it away. We don’t want it.”

Maybe we should prepare a parcel for Artur Szczybylo.

We’re trying to reduce our own domestic clutter, but we feel sheepish about adding to the clutter in East Europe.

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