Windstream Releases Identity Theft Protection Product

Windstream Corp. of Little Rock announced on Wednesday a new identity theft protection product that aims to keep customers informed of attempts to steal their information and credit identity.

According to a news release, the product offers a variety of services designed to shield a consumer’s identity including:

  • A 10-year audit of a customer’s social security number to determine who is using it;
  • Assistance for a customer in the process of receiving annual credit reports and placing fraud alerts with credit bureaus;
  • Freezing, canceling or replacing a driver’s license, credit and debit cards and insurance cards if they’re stolen; and
  • Removal of pre-approved or pre-screened credit card or insurance offers.

The product costs $2.99 per month, according to a news release.

“With Identity Theft Protection, Windstream customers will have peace of mind knowing their personal information is protected and in the event of fraudulent activity will be alerted instantly,” said David Redmond, vice president of consumer marketing for Windstream.

Windstream contracted with CreditGuard to provide the service at a discount for new or existing customers with accounts in good standing.


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